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The celebratory explosion of basketball history makers, legend shakers and lawbreakers; juxtaposed against important events in Civil & Human Rights. The 50 years of The Rucker's ripples reverberate throughout Basketball, Hip-Hop, Harlem, and life.

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Sports achievements are always in need of reflection. The history of some men isn’t evident until reviewed by someone else. Come for the 55 minute ride as we gather the floating mysteries and legends of Rucker Park in a time long gone from basketball celebration and juxtapose it’s events with other non-sports events. All 50 years old. In 1965 African American’s would experience, the March on Selma, Malcolm X’s Murder, the passing if Holcombe Rucker and the start of “The Rucker” in the same year. However long ago, these images are still outstanding and we give a look-see if the impact of these good times is inspirationally comparative to the struggle and loss.

Quantified by NBA Legends, Pro basketball players from the past decades, Civil Rights activists, Harlem Residents, Musicians, The Rucker players and real live spectator witnesses. This story will put in perspective just what the impact of Rucker Games was on folks now 50 years later. In the same way it is an All Persons Bulletin for any and all Rucker Participants Staff and Spectators to return this summer and if aired at just the right time will create a knowledge pool of first hand experience for the further excavation that could tell a catalogue of stories about this legendary free basketball tournament that helped shape basketball as we know it today.

Fast tracking from the newspaper articles that tell the times, on up to phone calls that lead to big news. Then the radio commercials made to promote the now world famous event. Plus through the telegrams, TV Cameras, viral videos and tweets that carry us through the roll out of Rucker fame on up to it’s relevance today.

It’s a birthday party with the basketball world and the Rucker Alumni chiming in. Story told through Rick Barry, Nancy Lieberman, Albert King, Kenny Anderson, Chris Broussard and 30 others affected by the Rucker Degrees of Separation.

Find out how Hip Hop and all urban music made it’s mark at Rucker Park and are connected. Secondarily discover what things that many thought were new and found out were created their.

Most of all hear the stories of how The Rucker touched, changed and matured the hearts of many. Celebrate sacrifice, community and history cinematically in #Rucker50.


Robert McCullough, Jr
Eric Maryea
Ronald James Lewis

Darryl L. Neverson, having twenty plus years of marketing and entertainment experience and more than 12 years experience in full-length film and television commercial production, is the impetus behind the formation of HPI Films. He brings to HPI Films a wealth of knowledge, experience, and strategic alliances within the film industry. Darryl L. Neverson, success as a film producer, producing and releasing five films and one documentary, gaining theatrical success with El Vacilon: The Movie. El Vacilon: The Movie was released in the 30 theaters in the New York tri-state area in October of 2006. The film grossed $ 1.7 million and average $ 10,000 per screen the first week with no Print & Advertising budget. The film was produced for $600,000 and was later released on DVD by LionsGate.

Robert McCullough, Jr. has worked in entertainment for over 20 years starting in the writers office of the Suzanne DePasse Produced Television Sit-Com 'Sister-Sister'. Later honing his craft through the services of Platinum Sight and Sound as a Spec Sit-Com Writer and Spec Commercial Producer with clients like Think Street and project development with Geronimo Films and Goldcrest Films. Bob founded the Fatherhood Image Film Festival along with Darryl Neverson in 2012. He has extensive experience developing programs and events for youth in the Human Services arena. Serving as a Program Director for several non-profit organizations over a period of 12 years. His expertise has created programs teaching youth a variety of media based skills; Commercial Script Writing, Documentary Film Making, Music Production, Song Writing and DJ Training.

Darryl and Robert first collaborated to produce, write and direct The Real Rucker Park Legends in 2006. Prior to the collaboration Darryl produced six independent films, while bob worked in the writing department on several TV shows and in the directors unit. They are both Harlemites that are well in tuned with the community and live to tell the stories of the people that live and lived here.

Eric Paul Maryea began his career in the film industry as a screenwriter and producer of independent cinema. For the last 10 years Eric has been directing and producing technical training films for National Grid, a Fortune Global 500 company that connects consumers to different energy sources through its networks. He has been instrumental in the creation of a virtual video library consisting of hundreds of utility films in order to supplement hands on training in the United States and United Kingdom. In addition to his corporate commitments, Eric served as an executive producer on 2 feature films; Afghan Hound and Kaleb, as well as two documentaries, The Lost Spirits and #Rucker50. Originally trained as a film editor, Eric now seeks to work with niche organizations to bring special interest stories to life.

Ronald James Lewis began his career in the film industry as an actor in independent cinema. Fascinated with the creation of film and storytelling, he then went on to pursue roles behind the scenes as a videographer, screenwriter, director and editor. Ronald has spent over 10 years working as a video editor, director & videographer for various multimedia production companies, such as Maryea Media, Shine Digital, HPI Films, Leftfield Pictures, and Rock On Now LLC. In addition, Ronald has directed and edited several music videos, which were broadcasted on the multinational video hosting service, Vevo. He's directed two award winning independent short films: Direction (Narrative) and Harlem On The Rise (Documentary). Ronald has been pivotal on hundreds of projects throughout his young career, including the documentary #Rucker50 where he served as co-producer and lead editor. Ronald seeks to pursue mainstream platforms and organizations that will leverage his creativity and help breath life into the stories he wants to tell.


The 50 years of The Rucker's ripples reverberate throughout Basketball, Hip-Hop, Harlem, and life.

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Produced, Written and Directed by:

Robert McCullough, Jr & Darryl L. Neverson for HPI Films